The Month of Love ………

First, I’d like to start off by saying that the Gratitude Journal I wrote about last month is doing quite well at our house. Unbeknownst to us, for Christmas, our first grader made a new 2006 calendar for our family. He did a fantastic job! As soon as I opened that gift, I looked at him and said, “This can be our Gratitude Journal! Is that okay with you?” He smiled warmly and said, “Sure!” And it has been a fun adventure ever since!

What we did was paste a piece of colored construction paper on the back of the previous page (the cover, in this case), and wrote “January Gratitudes.” Every day we add to the list. I am amazed at how much fun this is for all of us, to actually write this list and be building something we can see.

Okay, now back to Valentines Day …. I will just share two things that I’ve learned over the years. One is about men and one is about kids.

It is my experience that men don’t want to guess what we want for Valentine’s Day.  They also don’t like having to figure out “hints.” They want to make us happy. They do not want to get us the wrong thing.

My suggestion, if this is true for the man in your life, is that you give him a list of various ideas that would make you happy for Valentine’s Day. Then, let him surprise you with one or more of those choices. Everyone wins, and it sure does alleviate a lot of pressure for the guys!

As far as kids go, this is a great opportunity to love them too! What about creating a tradition of writing a “Valentine letter” to each of your kids (attaching a nice little candy treat is a fun touch), describing to them how much you love them, what they have contributed and brought into your lives by being here, and anything else that your heart feels in that moment when the pen and paper come together. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to write such a letter to your spouse, boyfriend, parents, or anyone else that you love as well. It’s amazing when we take a moment to actually hand write a letter, we suddenly become connected with our heart, feelings, and love. Depending on the age of the recipient, the letter can be read and cherished, as well as saved as a memory keepsake for a baby book or keepsake chest for years down the road.

I find that writing to my children at any time is grounding, centering, and creates connection, peace and harmony at home.  If they are babies, you just save the letters for later. There will be a time in their lives when they are interested in looking through their baby box! What a great gift that will stand the test of time!

Love is all there really is. All of us get away from that center now and then. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for remembering that love does not have to be expensive or hard, and there are no age limits. Love is real, deep, and priceless.

Here’s to celebrating a Valentine’s Day that warms your heart and makes you happy!

Traci Williams is the Founder of A Loving Way to Parent. To contact her directly, email or call/text 951-240-1407.

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