Two Simple New Year’s Resolutions ……….

Two Simple New Years Resolutions

Hello and Happy New Year! Can you believe we are already in 2006? I remember when I graduated from high school in the early 1980’s. My youngest sister had seven more years of school go to and I thought that was light years away!

As with any new year, we are embarking on fresh new adventures in business, family and fun! Along with those adventures come the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. It’s funny how some people make their resolutions with such trepidation, almost as if they know they won’t be able to keep them. It was suggested on a personal development CD that I was listening to recently, that the only goal to set at the beginning of each year is to simply keep the commitments you make during the year. What a concept!

In our home, we spend a lot of time teaching our children how important their word is and how important it is to keep commitments and do what you say you’re going to do. Making this resolution something to be shared with our children (“practice makes permanent”) is a great idea! What better resolution than to keep your word and your commitments. What better way to develop a greater sense of empowerment and honesty in our children, as well as building character and self-confidence.

The other area that we are going to be focusing on as a family in the coming year is gratitude. Currently, we each share one thing that we are grateful for each night at dinner. Gratitude feels great! If you sit down for just three minutes and write down what you are grateful for, it becomes difficult to stop writing! We have trees, breezes, sunshine, friends, beautiful landscaping, husbands, wives, children, freedom, and the list goes on and on. In our family, we will be building a Family Gratitude Journal for 2006. Each of us will add something each day – it could be one thing or ten, it doesn’t matter – and we will watch our world with joy. I am excited to see what our Journal will look like on December 31, 2006!

Keeping your word and practicing the art of gratitude …… building a solid foundation for today’s youth and their future.

Whatever your resolutions are for 2006, may you find much joy and success in all of your endeavors!

To your prosperity, health and happiness!

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