Spring is in the air!

Welcome to the month of March! Spring is around the corner and some of our flowers have begun to bloom. How exciting is that!

I decided to write this month’s article on the topic of pregnancy and babies, something else that is always in bloom. I am passionate about children, especially about meeting their emotional needs, and have been actively involved in this area for more than 17 years. I love to share what I have learned.

Many families do not realize this, but babies are aware of their experience and what happens around them well beforebirth. More and more, studies are providing information that supports the fact that our babies need love, connection and a relationship during the pregnancy months. Currently, we make plans, paint rooms, buy furniture, and do all of the customary preparations for our new arrival. However, we often miss the opportunity of bonding with them for those nine or ten months prior to birth. With everything else we have to do, including caring for other children and our jobs, it might seem overwhelming to even think about having to “do” another thing!

I have good news! It’s easy and it’s fun. And the value …. priceless!  Moms, dads and even siblings can all build a relationship early! When your little one arrives, you will just be EXPANDING your already developed relationship, as opposed to starting one from scratch. (Imagine how this changes the impact on your home in the first few months after birth.)

Now you may ask, “How do I bond with someone I can’t see, touch or hear?” This might seem especially difficult for dads and siblings who can’t really even feel the baby most of the time. Well, you can start with the pokey little feet. We’ve all seen those! The next time you see little feet pushing on mommy’s tummy, gently push back. The message, in many cases, is, “Hello! Can you play?” It’s quite cool when you realize that you are responding to each other. Talk about a happy baby!

You can also listen to soothing music at night when you go to bed. Spend this time thinking about your little one, sharing a feeling of calm and love. All of you will relax into a wonderful night sleep. You can also write letters or cards of love to your baby to inform them of special events (doctors visit, a painted room, siblings award, etc.) or just to say “I love you!” It’s about including the baby. The baby FEELS the shift in YOUR energy, and FEELS loved and safe.

Siblings can draw pictures for the baby’s room or the baby book. And, be sure to allow them the opportunity to actually present the picture to their little brother or sister, as the baby will receive the energy and the feelings of love and excitement. The key is in the energy and feelings that are being conveyed. You would be AMAZED at what babies are able to FEEL in utero!

Give it a try. Begin bonding with your new baby right now. It’s so worth it! You will enjoy this time so much more, and I GUARANTEE you that your little one will enjoy every single minute of your time and your love received in the womb. You will get that love back a million times over during your lifetime!

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Here’s to healthy children and happy families.

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