In Her Honor

This month I am writing in honor of my mother, Patricia Ann Williams, who passed away on March 3, 2006. I would love to share with you how wonderful and special she was.

My mom was the epitome of love. She was soft and gentle, loving and kind, and always wanted to know that we (her five children) were doing well. Her heart was so big that she had oodles of “adopted children” in the world, who just needed another “mom” and wanted ours. Mom loved to be out in the sunshine, especially with flowers, watering, and making things green and beautiful. She also loved to cook and enjoyed music. Her heart was so giving and nurturing. I don’t know one person who didn’t like my mom, and I don’t know one person who wasn’t better for having known her. She was fun and full of spunk. She loved to play games/cards, and loved to be with her grandkids. I can’t even begin to express how much I love my mom. How many times I cried at just the thought that she would ever be gone, and now she is. How do you go on without your mother? I’m told that somehow you just do.

Since my mom’s passing, I have spent some precious time connecting to her energy and her love, the memories, and looking at how my life has been and will be affected by her life, as well as her death. In this time, I found myself asking questions, including why life was set up in such a way that we experience this painful thing called death, and why is it so painful, when we all know it’s coming? I was amazed when the answer simply showed up …….. “It was never intended to be a painful disconnection. In truth, the connection never dies. The physical experience is a playground for fun and learning. It is not who we are. We all come from spirit and never stop being who we are ~ spirit. Our spirits are always connected ~ in and out of the physical world. It’s just that over time, people began believing that we were all separate. When you believe you are separate, it does feel like you have lost something when your loved one dies. However, if you know that you are always connected, you realize that it is only the physicality of that life that has ended, not the life itself.”

What my mom wanted me to know, and what I now share with you, is that our connection and our love with each other never dies. As we live our lives, the essence of who we are is our spirit, not our body. That’s why a person no longer looks like the person you knew once they have passed away. Their spirit leaves the body and continues to live. How many times have you gotten that feeling or hunch or felt like someone was somehow talking to you, but there was no one there? That is our spirit being guided by our loved ones. Love never dies, nor does the spirit. While I must still mourn the loss of my mother in the physical aspect of my life, I do feel her spirit and the essence of who she is by my side each and every day. I find peace in having her near, guiding and loving me.

For those of you who have wondered about these things, know that your loved ones, while you may not be able to see or touch them, are by your side, loving and guiding you every step of the way. Your spirits are connected and always will be. When you feel thathunch or get that familiar feeling, it’s their way of letting you know they are right there beside you. Receive the love. It’s a beautiful thing.

Thank you, mom, for teaching me how to love and for being so loving in everything you did. You are my inspiration as a mother and a teacher, and I am forever grateful to be your daughter.

May we all find peace in the fact that we are never alone and we are always loved.

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