Co-Parenting: 6 Tips for Success!

Co-parenting within a marriage is different than co-parenting after divorce. Add a remarriage, and it gets even harder. A seemingly innocent request from a child can quickly be the catalyst to arguments and upset. I’ve been co-parenting post-divorce for 25 years. We don’t have it all worked out, but we have found some basic how-to’s that I can pass along.

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Parenting is not about being Perfect

Some might think if their strategy worked with child #1, they can use that same strategy with child #2. Great idea! Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. In fact, rarely. No matter how many children you have, no two ever seem to be the same. There are no shortcuts.

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natural disasters

Supporting Children: War & Natural Disasters

Our children are imprinted with varying amounts of fear from growing up in times of war and natural disasters. They are also imprinted with the compassion of those helping, the pain of those suffering loss and the joy of lives saved. That is a lot to take in for these little people with limited life experience.

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middle school madness

Middle School Madness

One of our children just started middle school this year. This is our second child to go through what I call “Middle School Madness.” What

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message for dads

A Message for Dads

If you capture your daughter’s heart and show her depth and connection, you create a minimum standard. You have now created a space in her heart that can only be filled by a man that is at least as good as you.

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Ask Six Times

Ask Six Times!

“If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” W.C. Fields We have all heard this quote before. Last year I was in a personal

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