In Honor Of Our Wonderful Dads!

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
Sir Isaac Newton

When I read this quote, it made me think of the impact that dads have on their children. I had the vision of seeing little boys and girls sitting on the shoulders of their dads, walking through a park, museum, cruising around, just being together. It made me smile. Children “standing on the shoulders of giants.” What a great metaphor.

I want to honor all of the dads who share themselves ~ their love, heart, wisdom and time ~ with their children. It is so wonderful to see dads spending quality time at school, on the soccer field, reading a book, going fishing, or simply sitting in a chair with a sleeping child. It is through these experiences that our children can see beyond where they are. It allows them the feeling of safety and love from their hero, so they are not afraid to stand on the shoulders of those who came before. They actually look forward to it.

This month we have an awesome opportunity to find out what our children love most about spending time with dad. What have they enjoyed? What has made them feel loved and connected? What has been fun? What makes them giggle? Let them express those thoughts and feelings in drawings, letters, maybe even a song!

Allow your kids to express and share the love and appreciation, the gratitude and pride that they feel for dad by spending time talking about it, planning for the big day, and sharing gifts from their heart. What a wonderful gift!

Thank you to all of the wonderful dads out there. You truly are giants and guardians in so many ways. For more information on parenting, sign up to receive our articles via email at the bottom of this page or contact us at 951-240-1407.

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