Merry Back into Christmas

Putting the “Merry” Back into Christmas

If you could simplify the process … if you could remove the drama … what would Christmas look like for your family? What if you enjoyed the countdown to Christmas instead of feeling like you are running out of time? What would it take to get your family there?

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Now that School has Resumed

When school starts, so do after-school activities. Some families like to expose their children to several different enrichment activities and keep them pretty busy. Just keep an eye out for overwhelm, fatigue and not enough down time. Children need to be enjoying their life. We all need to stop and catch our breath on a regular basis. Overbooking kids creates

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Attention Deficit Disorder ADD

Parenting Tips: Attention Deficit Disorder

Being a parent to a child who has Attention Deficit Disorder can be challenging, as well as overwhelming and frustrating at times. Fortunately, there are things you can do as a parent that can help in controlling and reducing the symptoms of ADD.

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Forgiveness in your Parent Child Relationship

Most of us don’t think of forgiveness in terms of parenting. Parents love unconditionally; it’s natural for us. Yet, how often do we dislike a certain behavior in our child or feel disrespected or even get mad at ourselves (or our spouse) for how we handled a situation? Those things add up and they create walls which separate us from our family.

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Breakfast or No Breakfast? That is the Question!

Many kids are used to rushing out of the house in the morning and don’t want to eat or think they don’t need to eat. Some even grab a coffee (I can’t believe how many teenagers and kids are drinking coffee!) and move on with their day.

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Parenting is not about being Perfect

Some might think if their strategy worked with child #1, they can use that same strategy with child #2. Great idea! Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. In fact, rarely. No matter how many children you have, no two ever seem to be the same. There are no shortcuts.

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family village

Who Is In Your Family’s Village?

Being able to say no to what doesn’t work for us, while not judging another, is an awesome character trait to instill in your children. This allows them to know and stand up for what they believe in, while honoring another’s choices which may very well be different.

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