How to Balance School, Work and Family Time

Balance School Work and Family

When you have children, you have the opportunity to experience childhood all over again. You watch your child take their first steps. You get to introduce the wonder of bubbles or the magic of Christmas time. You also get to experience school all over again, the not-so-fun side to parenting. As your child begins primary school, they will have homework and projects to complete. Some teachers are harder than others and you may find that your child is swamped with homework, especially as they grow older.

As homework begins to take over the evening hours, you will have to help your child learn how to balance homework and free time. Your child needs to know that homework is a priority, but not to the exclusion of down time. If you can sit down with your child to help when needed, that is a great way to incorporate quality time (if you can avoid arguments and power struggles). It’s also a good time to encourage them that their hard work will pay off in the future.

In today’s school system, homework can take hours and even be difficult for parents to understand. The curriculum is different and the way of teaching is different than we remember.  Be sure to carve out time for homework to be completed, while remembering your child needs free time as well. If homework is taking hours to complete, consider speaking with the teacher. Ensure your child understands the subject and try to come to a compromise with the teacher.

Years ago, children had more time to play and have fun with the family. In today’s society, children’s evenings are filled with homework and after school activities. Remember not to over-schedule your child. You want your children to be able to experience being a child, not filling every hour of every day with an activity.

At A Loving Way, you can learn parenting tips for homework, after school activities and more. By learning how to schedule your time wisely, you and your child can have a healthy relationship as you enjoy time together in various activities.

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