On Having the Best Mother-Child Connection

best mother child connection

Babies start to develop their senses in their fetal stage. As early as the first two months of your pregnancy, the baby begins to form taste buds. At eight weeks, it starts to taste everything you put in your tummy. And around 16 weeks of pregnancy, it starts recognizing limited sounds such as your voice. Even when your baby is in utero (and especially then), you can start creating and experiencing a healthy mother-child bond and relationship which will last a lifetime.

Breaking the Barrier Between You and Baby

Fear, worry and busy-ness can leave a hole between mother and child and cause mothers not to interact with their unborn baby. Often times mothers simply don’t know to reciprocate or pause to listen and feel the actions of their baby inside. Responding with touch or a soft voice is so powerful!

Families are busy getting things ready, raising siblings or getting work done, which are all important. We don’t always know to value the time with baby in utero. Yet, it is in the fetal stage that mothers start developing good character traits in their baby. You can create a wonderful world for your baby, before he/she is ever born.

Start by Creating a Peaceful World for Your Little One

Being peaceful yourself will make a wonderful atmosphere for both you and baby. Eliminate stressors such as fear and anxiety by practicing meditation, proper breathing and deep relaxation. From here, you will appreciate the growing person inside of you, enjoy loving your baby day by day, and be able to give all the wonderful things your baby needs emotionally.

A wonderful tool for this is the “Who I Am” cards. Simply say each card out loud every morning and night, and watch how you and your baby respond. It is uplifting and creates a very positive connection!

With you and your baby in consistent peace and happiness, you are already honing this little person to have the best character and health you want for her.

A Loving Way to Parent offers intuitive parenting advice that aims to develop strong family relationships, starting before birth. We deeply encourage every member of the family to stay connected emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, which is the basic foundation of a successful and happy family.

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