In Sync with Parenting

By Traci L. Gaffney

Life is a flow. When our flow is off, life can feel like it’s falling apart. Many times our flow is taken off course because of issues related to our children. Depending on the ages and how many you have, children can have a massive impact on your day, week and life.

The key is to find a way to flow down the river with our children, as opposed to paddling upstream.

When my daughter, Alexis, was born, she was a firecracker. She was demanding, wanted what she wanted, and definitely had a voice. She is a true Aries. Being a Pisces, I was very different than that. It didn’t take me long to realize that this infant was not going to change for me. It was my job, as the adult and the guardian of this Being, to meet and accept her where she was. I found a way to get into sync with her energy. As she’s grown up over the past nine years, we have had many conversations about energy and meeting people where they are. Now, we meet each other, and it is truly beautiful.

Lesson #1 in parenting: you can’t change anyone else. With our children, many times we think that’s our job … molding these little people into wonderful big people. The “molding” messes up the “in sync” part. Our job as parents, in reality, is to >help our child uncover their authentic self, and help them shine their Light in the world.

If we can see parenting from this perspective, and approach our children from a place of curiosity, we will have a much easier time of raising them. And they will have a much easier time of being who they are and bringing their gifts to the world as adults.

We need to ask questions, take time to sit on the floor and connect, look in their eyes, and BE with them. It allows us an opportunity to get to know them, to help them understand themselves, and for them to get to know us. Doing this as young as possible will create a smoother road in the teenage years as well.

Whatever the ages of your children, I recommend starting now. It’s never too early and it’s never too late. And, don’t forget to haveFUN!

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