Fun Lovin’ Summer!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have been thoroughly enjoying summer vacation. No early mornings. No rushing off to bed. No homework. No packing lunches. Talk about vacation! I just love the freedom!!

In the days when I was in school, we started back to school in September. It seems like it was mid-September. Then, it was early September. Then, I remember it changed and my oldest son starting going back in late August. Now, we are going back almost mid-August. Hmmm. I guess that means we better enjoy every single minute while we can!! :)

Now that we’ve hit August, my oldest son is getting ready to start his senior year in high school, my youngest son is starting second grade, and my daughter (the baby) is starting kindergarten! Wow, how time flies!

Being the night owls that we are, the other night the kids and I walked out into the back yard (I won’t tell you how late it was!) and just marveled at the quiet of the world, the stars that we could see, and the bright full moon that lit everything up. It was so awesome to do that! Robert told me how much he loves being up late because of the quiet and the alone time. I must agree. We are definitely night owls. There are many morning birds in the world too. I just didn’t happen to give birth to any! (ha!)

As we head into school, fall and the changes of a new season, may we all take time to enjoy those last summer moments with our families, the longer days while we have them, smelling the fragrance of flowers and roses, and jumping in the pool “just one more time.”

I hope your summer vacation has been filled with many wonderful memories of friendship, love and “too much fun!”

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