Fitting It All In

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes wonder how we manage to shift a wonderful free flowing summer schedule into the crash of August when we hit school along with soccer and the many other sports that come in the fall. And when you have more than one child doing sports, taxi service is in full swing!

Well, I guess we just do it. We adjust and move on. And isn’t that true in most things that we do in life. I think the most important piece, at least from my experience, is being in the moment. I notice that when I show up for soccer practice without thinking of all the many things I could be doing, I actually enjoy it. The most amazing thing is I can tell that my kids notice the difference. They love it when we care about what they are doing. They get to impress us!

Balance is another key to fitting everything in. When you begin to tap into your intuition, which we all have, you start to feel when your plate is full. You won’t say “yes” when your insides are screaming a definite “no.” (How many of us have done that a few times?)  It’s okay to know when your plate is full and it’s okay to say so. That allows you the opportunity to do your best at everything you choose to take on. Otherwise, don’t we get overloaded, resentful, tired, and next year we choose not to volunteer or participate at all? Pacing ourselves and knowing when to say no are great skills to have. When we stop long enough to listen to our own inner wisdom, the process of going through life is really very natural and peaceful. We are guided.

And, what about asking for help? If you do take on a project or a committee or something that takes you a little over the top, it’s a great time to learn to delegate. If you are a team mom or dad, split up the tasks and ask for assistance. It’s wonderful when the entire team gets to contribute and no one feels overburdened.

Fitting it all in is possible. Just know what you want to fit in. Don’t forget to make room on your plate for debriefing with your kids after school, helping with homework, and those kinds of tasks. They do take up time and energy, and you want to be “present” for your kids during those blocks of time. Balance your kid time, volunteer time, spouse time, work time, and very important – your “me” time. Assess your priorities, plop those on your plate, and fit in what other activities you would choose and that feel good to you.

Something I’ve learned along the way ….. if you do what brings you joy as often as possible (in work and play), you are much better at what you do. Joy makes such a huge difference. So, create your life. Create what you want as you adjust to school and sports activities. Create your relationships by being present with friends, family and your kids. This is how you create wonderful memories and how you tap into your intuition and inner guidance ~ valuable parts of you that make your life!

Welcome to Fall!

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