Dads and Heroes

dads and heroes

Happy Father’s Day!

When I think about dads, the word hero comes to mind. Not every dad is a hero, but every dad CAN be a hero. Heroes are the people in movies who do the impossible and who value protecting those in need.

Do you remember when your dad did the impossible? Maybe he fixed something that was broken on the car or in the yard or one of your toys when you were little. Maybe your heart was broken when you lost a pet and your dad was there to hug you and let you cry. That is a hero!

The world around us has changed over the years. Life is moving full speed ahead 24/7. There was a time when dads worked all day and moms cared for the home and family. A meal was ready when dad came home. Kids went home after school, and family time was built in to the evenings and weekends. Home was the hub. Maybe that’s not what people want anymore, but some version of that is what our children need.

That’s where dads have an amazing opportunity! Dads are leaders. They are protectors. They become their child’s hero by creating a home environment of connection, trust and safety. This is done through spending time with your child, listening to them, teaching life’s lessons and connecting in the heart.

For girls, dads have the opportunity to set the bar for the man they date and ultimately choose to marry. That’s huge! Who do you want for your daughter? What are you willing to invest to make that happen? YOU get to role model that for her by how you treat her and her mom. You teach your boys how to be a wonderful husband and father in the same way … by role modeling.

Relationships impact every aspect of our life and YOU are helping them create healthy relationships in their future. THAT is a HERO! We can tell our children how to be a great person or we can show them how to be a great person.

Dads, you get to fix the impossible … the structure of family and time together. You get to value protecting those in need … your family. Moms, I encourage you to build up your husband as the leader in your home. The value you will bring to your sons and daughters by doing that is immeasurable. For those families separated or divorced, find a way to work together. It is doable. It’s a gift to your children that will last a lifetime.

Dads, here are some simple ways to be your child’s hero every day:

  • Slow down.
  • Look in their eyes when they talk to you.
  • Take time to regroup after a busy day instead of ignoring or snapping at them.
  • Let your girls be “daddy‘s girl” as long as you can.
  • Do hands-on “guy” activities with your boys.
  • Share your time and attention abundantly.
  • Prioritize your family above outside people and things.
  • Listen longer.
  • Seek to understand.
  • Do outdoor activities.
  • Be the one who helps them up when they fall (with encouragement).
  • Work things out together through communication.
  • Provide a safe place at home.

You become a hero to your children when you are the person they look up to, respect and trust; when you are the person they can count on and the person who has their back … no matter what.

This Father’s Day, look for ways to build family back into your home and your community. Your children will look back in gratitude knowing YOU did the impossible and YOU protected what was important. Happy Father’s Day!

Traci L. Williams is the Founder of A Loving Way to Parent. She is known for her practical parenting style. Her free parenting newsletter is available at She can be reached directly at 951-240-1407 or for family support.


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