Now that School has Resumed

When school starts, so do after-school activities. Some families like to expose their children to several different enrichment activities and keep them pretty busy. Just keep an eye out for overwhelm, fatigue and not enough down time. Children need to be enjoying their life. We all need to stop and catch our breath on a regular basis. Overbooking kids creates

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4 Back to School Tips!

Parenting is a journey … a long one. One of the most important aspects of that journey is the relationship that you build along the way. That relationship is created in daily life, in ordinary moments like going back to school.

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Chores: Want to Stop Fighting with Your Kids?

There are many creative ways to gain the cooperation of our children without manipulating, intimidating or controlling them. While those tactics may appear to be a battle won in that moment, it will end in you losing the war … a healthy relationship with your child.

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Back to School Transition

Back to School Transition

For some parents, back to school means a breath of fresh air. For others, it is a rush of anxiety and panic. It is the end of “I’m bored,” “He hit me” and “Mom, mom, mom.” It is also the end of free flow days, homework-free evenings and sleeping-in mornings. We get adult time again, but not without the price of alarm clocks, deadlines and busy days.

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natural disasters

Supporting Children: War & Natural Disasters

Our children are imprinted with varying amounts of fear from growing up in times of war and natural disasters. They are also imprinted with the compassion of those helping, the pain of those suffering loss and the joy of lives saved. That is a lot to take in for these little people with limited life experience.

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