Making the Most of Your Summer

Summer is here and the kids are home. This is a great time to make deposits into the relationship you are building with your children, and as a family.

Here are three suggestions for making the most of your summer:

Suggestion #1: Sit down after school ends and give everyone in the family an opportunity to share what they would like to do or accomplish over the summer. Write all of the ideas on paper, and start finding a place for them in the family calendar. If there are too many to accomplish over the summer, pick one or two ideas from each family member and make those happen. You can spread the other ideas out over the rest of the year. The key is that everyone has a voice.

Suggestion #2: Plan for down time. Some families like to keep the kids busy 24/7. However, down time is healthy, and it’s a great way to regroup and recharge from a busy school year. When you are looking at scheduling your summer activities, keep balance in mind by scheduling free time.

Suggestion #3: With school and homework behind you for a few weeks, there is a bit more flex time and less stress. Use that to build in family dinners (or other meals) and “dates” with your children. What you want to build over the summer is a deeper relationship, more trust and better communication. That will only happen if you spend time together. Super important!

Have an amazing summer. Remember to keep balance in mind, and look at summer as a time for re-energizing and getting your tanks filled. It will go a long way when the routine of school and fall/winter activities begin again.

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