Love Breaks ~ Loving Your Unborn Baby

Well, here we are again in the month of February, typically known as the Month of Love. This month I am excited to share some ideas with you about taking time to love the babies that we carry in our bodies during pregnancy. So often we are busy with all of the things we have to do in our lives, that we do not realize these little ones want and need love, recognition and attention as well. Their needs in utero include much more than food and physical growth.

As you ponder Valentine’s Day and you think about sharing love with your spouse, children, friends and family, remember this little one inside. The entire family can share love with this youngest sibling. It is the most fun!

What moms can do: take just five minutes to sit down and focus your attention on your baby. (I realize this can be more difficult with younger children already running about. It is worth it to be creative and ask for support so that you can do this for yourself and your unborn baby.) Talk to your baby, rub your tummy, and simply say ~ and most importantly, feel ~ I love you. Take note of the response that you feel ~ both within your body and that of your baby.

Babies are very aware of their world in utero. They very much want love and attention, which is connection and safety to them. The fact that they cannot cry or use words to tell us does not make it any less true. Their movements are communication. And when they know that you are communicating back, they are so HAPPY! Want a happy baby after birth? Let them know that the world outside is a wonderful, responsive, loving, communicative place to be. Give them attention. They will be born with that expectation, as this will be the only experience they have had ~ loving and responsive communication.

Dads and siblings can also talk to baby, touch baby (poking the little feet as they bulge out of mommy’s tummy), giggle with baby, and just think about baby. We are all energy. Energy is connected. Baby feels it all! Baby loves it all! And look at how much fun it is for your children to be able to give that kind of love.

When you think about love, think about how you can share it also with your unborn baby. It will make a profound difference in his/her life, and in yours. An excellent book to read is Prenatal Parenting by Frederick Wirth, M.D. Investing in your unborn baby is truly one of the most important and life enhancing gifts you can ever give to another human being. It will come back to you (and bless your baby) many times over in the course of his/her journey through life.

May you enjoy the wonderful experience of sharing love with your family ~ including the little ones not yet seen.

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