Looking Through Their Eyes

As a parent, we do the best job we can with the resources, knowledge and wisdom we possess. Something I have just recently been able to put into words, and thought I would pass along to each of you, is the fact that we need to experience the world through the eyes, ears and hearts of our children in order to be the most effective with them. When we meet them at their level, ask what is going on in their world, and simply ask what they need from us, the floodgates of heaven open.

If you can imagine for just a moment, being age five again … did you understand the world, life, “good and bad,” as you do now? Of course not. Sometimes we forget that our children have limited experiences to draw from, and that we must come to their world to interact and teach, as opposed to asking them to come to our world (perspective).

Every “misbehavior,” “trouble,” “disagreement,” and/or “acting out,” if you will, is nothing more than a child saying, “I’ve hit the boundary limits of my knowledge and skills. Please teach me more.” That’s all it is.

As we move into fall, and school commences once again, I would like to challenge each parent to think before judging, to feel before reacting, and to ask themselves, “Has my child reached the boundary limit of their knowledge and skill sets? Is this simply another opportunity for me to teach?” Kids are curious and adventurous beings. And … they are learning. We must remember both.

Let’s concentrate on the love and connection that every human being wants, and show our children acceptance. And, let’s see parenting as the teaching role that it is. We are blessed to have been given a student to mentor. Let’s guide our children up the mountain of life, enjoying the view all the while. The skills we teach them now will help them in friendships, marriage, business adventures, and their relationships with themselves.

What a great gift to give our children ~ experiencing the world through their eyes, ears and heart ~ teaching and guiding them in their journey. That’s really what being a parent is, isn’t it?

Have a beautiful month of August. Enjoy the sunshine and the love!

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