Keeping Christmas Simple

Christmas can be a wonderful season or it can be a stressful one. How many times have you been so busy throughout the holidays that you felt like you missed them? If you are ready to stop doing that, this is the year!

As Christmas approaches, explore with your kids what each of you enjoy most about Christmas. It may be family, lights, glitter, movies, food, gifts, eggnog or time off from school and work. It’s time to enjoy those things and not let the self-imposed deadlines, family arguments and fast pace of the season take away your joy.

This year has brought with it much change and many losses. How can you use that to create simplicity? What we had before COVID wasn’t working. So, let’s drop the crazy stuff that doesn’t work and move on to a more meaningful and calmer holiday.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Who do you want to spend Christmas with this year? Are you able to make that happen?
  2. Who do your kids want to see? Can you coordinate that time? (even on Zoom)
  3. What are two things that would make Christmas special for each person in your family? (ask them so you know for sure)
  4. Who can you invite that may be alone or unable to see family?
  5. Plan with your kids to create fun craft projects (cards, ornaments and cookies) over their school break. These make great gifts! The cost is low, the quality time is invaluable and the joy of giving something handmade is priceless.
  6. Make new traditions that are meaningful.
  7. Let go of old traditions that don’t work.
  8. Slow down and really enjoy the season. It’s okay to say no to some things.
  9. Give your kids a true break from school; no catch-up. Teach them the value of balance.
  10. Ask people what they want to receive, instead of guessing.
  11. Shop early for your baking and craft supplies so you are ready to go.
  12. Let go of the stress.
  13. Enjoy dinners, hot cocoa, evening walks and Christmas movies together as a family.
  14. Let your kids get back to exploring their imaginations by allowing for down time. They will find a way to fill the space with bike rides, swinging, music, playing or building legos.

The reality is this: there will always be high’s and low’s because sadness and happiness exist simultaneously. The good news is you get to choose what you focus on. How can you make this Christmas meaningful, connected and relaxing, regardless of your circumstances?

Every day we have a choice as parents to choose stress or joy. This is how our children learn to choose for themselves. Give some thought to what really matters to you and your family in this season of giving. What do you want your kids to pass on to their children? If there was a year to make changes and to simplify, this is that year! Pick up the pieces you want to keep, and sweep the others away.

Wishing you and your family a most blessed Christmas.

Traci L. Williams is the Founder of A Loving Way to Parent. She is known for her intuitive and practical approach to parenting. Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation by clicking here! ( ~ 951-240-1407)

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