How Busy Moms Fit It All In

Each year life seems to move faster and faster, as if time is actually speeding up. Have you noticed? Sometimes it seems there is no way for busy moms to keep up, even with normal tasks.  There used to be time for work and play, every day. Do you remember that?

When did life become one big stress ball? I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering how this could be. How are we all living in this world that seems to be speeding ahead of us? We are running just to keep up. The age of technology was supposed to bring us time freedom. Instead, it created more demand and less patience. Do you feel like the weeks pass by like days? And months like weeks? Time is moving too fast, if you ask me. How do we smell the roses when we, busy moms, don’t even see them anymore?

What’s interesting is that it seems many children do not notice this to be an unusual speed. This is “normal” to them. How do we slow it down and find time for relaxation and balance, if the up and coming generation perceives this as normal? I was relieved to hear my 17-year-old son recently share his perspective. He said people are caught up in a rat race of seemingly unimportant things. He sees the value in not rushing around so much. He said people don’t take time to live, they just run around “doing.” I totally agree. Interestingly, he had that same perspective at age four. I remember when he told me, “Mom, big people aren’t very smart.” I said, “Why do you say that?” He said, “Because they forget to play.” How profound! Age 4! And he is still perplexed by the busy-ness of most adults.

Well, now that school is in full swing, we are heading for fast times again. Homework every day. Sports. Busy moms working and coordinating pick-up and drop off schedules. Do you ever ask yourself, “How do we make room for what’s important, so another year doesn’t pass us by?”

I have an idea. Have you ever heard the analogy of the “rock jar”? Imagine you have a large glass jar and several large rocks, a pile of pebbles, a pile of sand, and a container of water. The rocks represent the important people and things in your life. The water is the stuff you fit in, if you can and if you feel like it. The pebbles and sand are those items in between. If you fill your jar with water (unimportant things), is there any room for rocks (the things you value)? No. How could you make room for rocks, pebbles, sand and water? You put the rocks in first. Then add pebbles, followed by sand and lastly water.

What are the most important things in your life? Who are the most important people? Those are your rocks. Put them on your calendar. That’s how you make time for the important people and things in life. Plan ahead. Make time for date night, story time, family dinners. Put those on your schedule first. Then, when you say “no,” it will not be to your children; it will be to less important things.

Be watchful as the school year begins and the demands creep in. Prioritize. Set your values. Teach your children what is important by talking about it and living your life in alignment with your values. Keep your eyes open. Keep your heart open. Watch your child’s demeanor. Look for happiness or overwhelm in their face and body language, as well as in yours. Take breaks when needed. Don’t be afraid to talk to your child’s teachers. They are people too. Work together for the success of the whole child. Down time is an important part of life. It feeds the soul. Are you a busy mom who could use some help doing this? Take advantage of a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation. Simply send an email to request an appointment or call me directly at 951-240-1407. It’s that easy!

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