Handling Challenges with Your Teen

Having children is a blessing. From birth, you get to watch your child grow and mature into a toddler, young child and eventually a teenager. When the teen years arrive, it is easy for the parent and child relationship to become strained. Teenagers tend to think their own way and want to be given more freedoms, while the parents are not always ready to let go of control. There are many challenges that parents can face when raising teenagers. Below are a few examples of issues that can arise.

Talking Back

A major issue between parents and teens is talking back. Parents often feel they should be able to tell their teen what to do and they should do it, while teens feel they should have more of a say so. This can be an area of contention. It is important to learn how to speak to your teen to get the response you are looking for. At A Loving Way we assist you in learning how to communicate better with your teenager for a healthier relationship.


Every child becomes defiant during the teenage years in some way. This could be simply not doing chores or slacking in school. It is important to recognize defiance in your child and understand the reason behind the behavior. Perhaps you are being ultra-strict and the teen feels they have no voice in what they would like to do? With help from A Loving Way you can learn how to read your child’s defiant behavior and work out any issues, in order to restore a more loving relationship.

Challenging Behavior

Parents expect teens to act out to a certain extent, and many behaviors are overlooked as just part of “teen issues”. However, extremely poor behavior needs to be dealt with, and quickly. If a child has been found with drugs or hanging out with the wrong crowd, help is needed. Lean on the services of A Loving Way to help with teen issues.

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