In the month of November, many people utilize Thanksgiving as an opportunity to take inventory of the things in their lives that they are grateful for. Most of us get at least one or two days off from work, and kids get several days off from school, which opens up some time to take a break from our routines, have fun, and check in with where we are. It may be that we appreciate our family, our health, or simply the joy of having extra time to connect with the people we love.

As you reflect on what you are grateful for this month, consider taking a few moments to share those thoughts out loud with your children. This is an incredible way for them to see your heart and your love. When we share our gratitude with others, it expands. We feel more connection, happiness and love. In that space, ask your kids, “What are you grateful for?” It may be a break from school, friends to play with, time with mom and dad, great food. They get an opportunity to notice, acknowledge and feel.

Another wonderful thing to do with your kids is create a gratitude journal for the month. When you sit down to eat dinner, or at whatever time works best for your family, ask each person to express what they are grateful for. Write each item on a special sheet set aside for that day, and create a journal. Your kids can decorate the pages and the journal, which makes it even more fun! The end result is love and connection. What a habit to get into!

What if we all focused on gratitude during this holiday season? What kind of energetic vibration do you think that would create? Can you see the ripple effect? When you drop a pebble into a pond, the water ripples outward. Imagine the world being the pond and our gratitude being the pebble. Drop your pebbles (gratitude) into the pond (world) and see what happens. What we focus on expands. Create fun ways of exploring and celebrating what you are grateful for as a family. You may even allow your children to take the lead. They have many wonderful ideas. Let your heart be your guide. Your experience will be beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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