Fathers ~ Our Heroes!

It’s time to celebrate our wonderful fathers! I thought it would be interesting to interview some children to find out what they say about dads. I interviewed a classroom of first graders and found out the following: their favorite activity to do with dad is “play.” According to these first graders, “play” shows up in many forms, such as playing games, riding motorcycles, coloring, baseball, fishing, hiking, golf, and football. It sounds like there are some very active dads out there! When asked what they love best about their dad, they commented that they love being loved by him, they love how funny he is, how much he helps them, takes them places, and spends time with them. This is quality stuff! When asked to finish the sentence, “My dad always …..”, their comments included “cares about me,” “helps me with my homework,” “gives me hugs,” “swims with me,” and “makes my lunch.” It was heartwarming to see not only how much time and attention dads get to spend with their kids, but also the impact that it has had on their children. It has not gone unnoticed! That’s what they love about dad, and that is what they will ultimately remember as they grow up.

Dads really are heroes. They protect us when we’re scared. They hug us when we cry. They keep us safe when we sleep at night. They make sure we have everything we need. And, they teach us the “tough” part of life, while still being able to snuggle, giggle, and love us “just because.” Dads are awesome!

It is so touching to see dads with their little ones, whether it’s playing ball, pushing them on the swing in the park, eating ice cream together, jogging with a jogger stroller, or holding their new baby in their arms. There is a tenderness that shines through when a man is with a child. And, when you find a man who is tender and loving and caring with your children, even when they are not his biological children, that is an awesome man and father too. (Thank you, Robin!) It’s the connection, the love, the giving, the protection, the sacrifice from deep within that constitutes being an awesome dad.

May all of you wonderful dads out there have the best Father’s Day. May you continue to touch the lives of your children with the love that they so deeply appreciate. Thank you for contributing your strength, your gentleness, your love, and your lessons to the lives of all of us.

Happy Father’s Day!

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