Conscious Parenting ~ What is One Key Element of Success?

There are many elements that create a successful parent/child dynamic. Among the most important is … consistency.

Take your yard, for instance. It needs a different amount of water in the summer than it needs in the winter. When you adjust your sprinklers accordingly, you have great results. The key is consistently adjusting the sprinklers for the appropriate season. The same is true for parenting.

As parents, we are juggling numerous things every day. Our children are only one piece of our very busy pie. Because they have the ability to care for themselves to varying degrees (like automatic sprinklers), we can easily forget to adjust the “sprinkler” setting.

Are your children in need of something?
Have they shifted to another stage of life?
Is there an area of concern?
Do they whine?
Are they angry?
What is home life like?

Perhaps it is time to evaluate the setting on your “sprinklers.” What are the needs of your children right now? What season are they in? Are you giving the appropriate amount of time, attention and connection?

It is best to be proactive about this. Otherwise, like your yard, one day you will suddenly notice everything is dying.

Take a few moments after reading this article to evaluate whether or not adjustments may be needed. This may be a great time to schedule in movie nights, reading together, snuggle moments, an enjoyable walk, or sweet together time before bed. What feeds your child and makes their spirit grow? Maybe that would be a great Valentine’s Day gift.

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