Conscious Parenting in Pregnancy ~ 5 Tips to Creating More Joy

By Traci L. Carman

One of my favorite topics is pregnancy. Perhaps it’s because I loved every minute of my own pregnancies. I think it’s also because pregnancy is the beginning of parenting. If you start with great habits and connection at the very beginning, the journey is so much smoother and much more joyful.

With Spring in the air, it is the perfect time to share some tips for those of you who are on this wonderful journey (or would like to be some day):

Tip #1: Cherish every moment of this “season”. You will never get it back. This is an amazing opportunity to spend true one-on-one time with this little being that is growing in your belly. There will be various irritations throughout your pregnancy. Don’t let those overshadow the amazing and truly miraculous experience you are blessed to be having.

Tip #2: Listen to your body. Sleep when you need to sleep. Eat when you need to eat. Rest when you need to rest. Your body is the only source from which this special little being can grow and thrive. Trust your intuition, and follow it. You can only give your baby what you have to give. Take care of yourself with nutritious food and plenty of rest.

Tip #3: Ask for support. If you need help with older siblings, cooking, carpooling, cleaning or any other tasks so that you can rest, eat well, and give the proper attention and nurturing to your baby, ask for support. That’s part of being a great mom. Let people love you and your baby right now.

Tip #4: Bond with your baby. Just because you cannot see or touch this sweet little life within, does not mean for a second that no one is there. Talk to your baby. Touch your baby (through your belly). There is so much you can do to bond with this beautiful life. (Contact me for your free copy of 15 Ways to Bond with Your Unborn Baby.)

Tip #5: Invite older siblings and daddy to bond too. They can talk to baby, sing songs, even draw pictures for the nursery. As for dad, the better you feel when dad is around, the better baby feels. What an amazing experience for baby to hear dad’s voice and be filled with mom’s happy feelings and love. It’s a beautiful way for dads to bond during pregnancy … with mom and baby.

Enjoy your pregnancy. It really is a once in a lifetime experience, each time. And, what you provide for your baby now, creates the very foundation on which your child will build an entire life. It’s that important. Make it the best foundation possible. Enjoy every single moment.

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