Halloween Traditions and Growing Children

Halloween traditions

In our home, we trick-or-treat with our children every Halloween. As they have gotten older, they wander ahead a bit more and invite more friends to join us, but it has always been a given that we go out together, touch base frequently, and head home as a family. This year, my 12-year-old daughter (our youngest) has requested to trick-or-treat with her friend, in her friend’s neighborhood. That was a new concept for us. I found myself thinking of our “tradition” of being in our own neighborhood and staying together as a family. I also recognize, however, that my children are getting older and more independent. I consider myself fortunate that they still let me tag along on Halloween in the tween and teen years.

I believe in holiday traditions. I think they create great memories and they give our children a sense of roots. At the same time, flexibility is a good quality to have, especially once we realize our children will eventually move on to have their own lives. A lot of traditions get challenged when our children grow up, move away, and get married. If we can keep in mind the point of the tradition … family time and creating memories … we will find that there are many ways to keep the traditions alive, while embracing new ways of celebrating them.

This year, it looks like we will be moving our Halloween festivities to another neighborhood, as a family (a blend of the old and the new). It will be interesting to actually get in the car and drive somewhere to trick-or-treat. I’ll miss walking around the corner to go home and seeing all of our neighbors. However, I’m glad our daughter is happy to have us tag along and that our 15-year-old son is content with inviting a couple of friends and joining as well. There will inevitably be a day when trick-or-treating is over for mom and I am in charge of handing out candy at home. Until then, I am going to enjoy every single moment of our adventures together.

Be safe and have a fun Halloween!

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