Conscious Parenting ~ 15 Minutes, Every Day, You and Me

“Fifteen minutes, every day, you and me.” This is what I say to my 11-year-old daughter every day right now. The middle school years are tough in so many ways. She is needing a little more one-on-one time and attention with mom.

Fifteen minutes (minimum) for a walk, bike ride, girl chat time, listening, hot cocoa, snuggles … whatever she wants to do … is what gives her that feeling of connection, caring and safety. It keeps our lines of communication open, gives her a safe place to share what is happening in her world, builds her self-esteem, and deepens our mother-daughter bond. All of these enhance the trust we have been building over the years; the trust that will be invaluable when she is a teenager. Do you have a middle school child? Are you aware of his/her emotional needs? Are those needs being met?

Here are just a few signs that your child may have a need they have not yet shared with you:

  1. Smiling less than usual (may be depressed or less happy for various reasons)
  2. Eating more and/or gaining weight
  3. Loss of appetite and/or losing weight
  4. You can tell s/he wants to speak with you, but they don’t know exactly what to say (reaching out for help)
  5. Trouble with friends at school, or feeling alienated (no true friends)
  6. Boredom
  7. Struggling academically or in extracurricular activities
  8. Irritable
  9. Stressed
  10. Overwhelmed
  11. Emotional

These are just a few things to look for. You know your child best, and intuition (that gut feeling) is a great way to know if your child is in need of something. They don’t always know to ask, or even have a sense of what it would be. Just start the conversation. I would be happy to show you how. Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation here!

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