Celebrating Moms in Challenging Circumstances

Mother’s Day is an emotional holiday for many. Some moms have little to no support and feel very alone on a day they would otherwise be celebrated. Others are reminded of the painful loss of their mom, a child or spouse, and find it hard to celebrate this day without them. Still others are in the middle of custody battles and don’t feel much like celebrating. In all of these scenarios, kids need us to model how to navigate through tough seasons.

Here are some ideas for supporting families this Mother’s Day:

Single Moms

Maybe you could take her kids on a little shopping spree to purchase sweet gifts for $1? What about helping them pick out paper, crayons and decorations for handmade cards? Balloons are an inexpensive and fun idea as well! Ask to “borrow the kids” and then bake cookies or cupcakes at your home as a surprise. Even picking flowers for a fresh bouquet would be so special!

Grieving Moms

Often we withdraw from people when we don’t know how to support them. I encourage you to acknowledge this day for moms who are grieving. Let them know you are thinking about them, and support their kids in doing something special. Your gesture of love will mean so much.

Custody Battles

Dads, this is a great opportunity to show your kids that you support the love they have for mom, regardless of your differences. You can help them make or buy a card, draw a picture, buy candy, pick flowers, or do something else that would make mom happy. Ask them what they think she would like, and help them execute a fun plan! This is an opportunity to gift your kids with joy, anticipation, excitement and love. They will remember YOU for making it happen!


We don’t always know the circumstances of our neighbors. What if you and your kids adopted a few neighbors and dropped homemade flower bouquets or cards at their doors? What an awesome tradition to start!

Wishing you a blessed Mother’s Day as you and your children bless others.

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