Beautiful Moments

There are some moments in life that touch our hearts forever. For me, so many of those moments have been when I have held my nursing babies in my arms and looked into their beautiful innocent eyes. They are some of the most joyous and connected experiences of my life. Today, I would like to relate a story of how I had such an experience with one of my “babies” who just turned 10! As we sat in our favorite rocking chair, connecting and loving each other on his 10th birthday, the most magical moment happened. I will attempt to describe it here.

I am rocking in a comfy chair, with my little guy (not quite as little as he was 10 years ago!) laying across my lap. His head is to my left side, legs swung across me and over the arm of the chair. I wrap him in a blanket and we sit here listening to great music on the radio, rocking, snuggling, and just loving life! Suddenly, I look down at him … he looks up at me … and, there it is … the magic. I remember so vividly doing this very thing exactly 10 years ago (and countless times since). That was the beginning of our love gazes that served to tremendously deepen our bond , which began in utero. In this moment, I see those same beautiful brown eyes, the same sweet face, button nose, and innocence, as if not even one day has passed. I can see that it is familiar for him as well. It is so beautiful. I smile at him, and we share stories of what it was like on that first day together when I could finally see his eyes, hold him close, and love him outside of my body. What a special moment!

Conscious parenting is about being awake and aware so that we notice and experience these kinds of moments. It is about being present. It is about showing up. No matter how old our kids are, they are never too old to be nurtured with love and connection in deep and special ways. Taking the time to have beautiful moments with our kids is truly an inspiring experience. “Seeing” the true depth of who they are in those quiet, connected moments is touching.

Enjoy your magical moments of rocking in a chair, looking in their eyes, coloring in a book, visiting history through a photo album, sharing stories of babyhood, and whatever else brings joy, connection and bonding to your relationship.

I am so grateful for the connection I am blessed to have with my children. The love they have given me has filled me more times than I can count. The lessons I have learned from their hearts, their smiles, and their sharing … there are no better gifts in this world.

Something to ponder … since all of us are children at heart, and since all of us have an inner child yearning to be seen, heard and loved … what if we began seeing “big people” through the eyes of innocence and love as well? What if we saw into their heart and the core of their soul when we looked into their eyes? This is love and acceptance. As we do this for our children, for ourselves, and for other adults, we heal the world and we raise the vibration of the planet. Our lives will never be the same.

Have fun exploring and creating many beautiful and memorable moments with the big and little people in your life!

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