Avoiding Meltdowns During July 4th Festivities

There is nothing worse than heading out for a fun family day and hitting the meltdown moments that derail the adventure.

Here are a few things you can do to set your family up for success:

Tip #1: If loud noises bother your child, be prepared to bring ear plugs/coverings or to leave before the fireworks begin. This is just a season and you won’t miss fireworks forever.

Tip #2: Keep in mind that some people love out time (being around people) and some prefer in time (smaller groups or staying home). Include both in your festivities so everyone in your family is getting what they need.  

Tip #3: Bring plenty of food and snacks so no one runs out of fuel.

Tip #4: Bring plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated.

Tip #5: Balance healthy food and treats to avoid the sugar high’s and low’s.

Tip #6: Bring comfy and familiar blankets for nap time.

Tip #7: Bring warm clothing for everyone to change into for the evening.

Tip #8: Bring strollers, rolling coolers, etc. The less you have to carry, the better.

Tip #9: Leave early to avoid the stress of running behind, or leave the planned arrival time open.

Avoiding meltdowns is fairly simple if you think in terms of meeting needs. Anticipate the needs (food, water, clothing, etc.) and you automatically reduce the challenges. This creates space for great memories! Have a SAFE and FUN 4th of July!

Thank you to all of our military families for your sacrifice and dedication that ensures our freedom and safety!

Traci L. Williams is the Founder of A Loving Way to Parent. She provides parenting classes, teen programs and individual coaching.  She is known for her practical parenting style and can be reached directly at 951-240-1407 or

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