A Day in the Life of a Mother

Mothers do so much for their families. They are often the glue that keeps a family together. This Mother’s Day, let’s remember all of the little (and not so little) things moms do to keep families happy and healthy. You can even add your own items to this list and go so far as to write a thank you card to your mom for what she provides to you specifically.

Dads, what the mother of your children provides has so much value. Thank her for her special gifts and talents that she selflessly shares every day. She is feeding into the legacy that your children will take into their future. She is making a difference and bringing value to the family that you two are building together (even if you are no longer living in the same home). 

What a Mother does in a Day

  • Wakes up first so she can wake everyone up in the morning
  • Takes the lead on breakfast
  • Ensures lunch is handled
  • Morning drop off at school
  • Goes to work
  • Afternoon pickup
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal planning
  • Chief house decorator and cleaner
  • Laundry
  • Gets everyone to practices, performances and games
  • Attends school and extracurricular activities
  • Volunteers
  • Attends parent/teacher conferences and meetings
  • Cooks dinner
  • Helps with homework 
  • Listens to all of the happenings of your day
  • Fights for you when something is unfair
  • Shops with you for school project ingredients
  • Stays up late to get you through your projects
  • Organizes birthday parties, graduation parties and play dates 
  • Stays awake until everyone is safely home and in bed 
  • Balances the budget 
  • Problem solves challenges
  • Nurses you when sick
  • Gives advice about life when you need to make a decision
  • Pushes you with love when you need it
  • Gives you that special smile that says “I love you!”
  • Surprises you with your favorite snack or dessert to cheer you up
  • And so much more!

There is no love like a mother’s love. It’s a unique love and bond that begins before you are even born. She’s known you longer than anyone, and bonds with you deeply. Her heart is for you no matter what, and she cares about every detail of your life.

Sometimes your mom may fall short. She may not know you have a need or may be distracted. Gently remind her. She is balancing home, work and life in ways that you often cannot fathom. Let her know that you love, appreciate and need her. Give her room to be imperfect.

For families with single moms, your mom is carrying more on her shoulders, and likely has less flexibility to work with. Let her know how much you appreciate all that she does and all that she carries. It is her heart’s desire to give you everything she can and for your life to be full and happy. Let her know you see that and appreciate everything she does.

Whether your mom handles the tasks noted on the above list or takes care of other tasks in your family, know that your mom gives with all her heart, will always love you, and appreciates having you in her life. She will cherish every art project, note and hug you ever give her. There is nothing more meaningful to a mom than the love she has with her children.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all of our amazing moms! You bring heart, strength, joy, love and acceptance into every home. You are valued and appreciated more than words can express.

Traci L. Williams is the Founder of A Loving Way to Parent. She provides parenting classes, teen programs and individual coaching. She is known for her practical parenting style and can be reached directly at 951-240-1407 or

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