Summer Survival Tips for Moms

Are you like me and you count the days until summer break as soon as school starts in the fall? (I know … it’s a long wait!) Or, are you already wondering how you are going to handle the bickering, boredom and no time to yourself months as summer arrives? If you are the latter, here are 3 summer survival tips for moms:

Tip #1 ~ Get clear on what you want to accomplish over the summer. Are you focusing on free time, fun and no deadlines? Are your kids needing to make up classes in summer school? Are you still working, and are looking for productive and enhancing activities for your kids during the day? Do you have projects around the house you would love to get done? Whatever the “plan” is, make sure you: (1) have clarity on what you want to accomplish and the order of priority (I don’t recommend a long list); (2) get input from the rest of the family, so everyone is on the same page and gets a voice in what they would also like to see happen over the summer; and (3) put it on your calendar (be pro-active and not reactive).

Tip #2 ~ Balance. Probably one of the things I like least about school months is the lack of balance. There is so little time for kids to free flow, and they need that. Make sure the events and tasks you hope to accomplish over the summer are balanced with free flow and some outdoor imagination time. It is good for the soul! Remember when we used to ride bikes, build forts and play ball in the streets until the street lights came on? Those are great memories! Our kids need to have some of those too.

Tip #3 ~ Remember H.A.L.T. If you are hearing bickering and dealing with a lot of sibling rivalry, sit everyone down and find out if anyone is: (H) hungry, (A) angry, (L) lonely or (T) tired. Those needs must be met before there will be peace and harmony again.

There are so many great ways to make the summer work for you, rather than against you. Why be in summer survival when you can thrive and have fun instead? Summer in particular is a wonderful time to build a solid foundation in your parent-child relationship!

In the meantime, if your children are still completing cycle on school activities, you can start planting seeds for the summer. Get them excited! Have them make a list of fun activities, friends they want to see and quality time adventures with you. Summer survival tips can include activities as simple as taking a walk while eating an ice cream cone, swinging at the park, taking a bike ride or laying in the grass late at night watching the stars. Some of those you can even start doing before summer. Make the time you spend together special and something to look forward to. As your children grow up, you will have an easier time retaining your connection and relationship with them, which will be so valuable!

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