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“Dear Traci … You are an amazing Speaker … and I really like your Positive Lifestyle Techniques!”
– Elaine (Rancho Santa Fe, CA)

“Traci, You touched my heart. God has given you a gift.”
– Darlenska (Rancho Santa Fe, CA)

“Traci, I really enjoyed your ‘talk’ Thursday and think the whole group did too. And thank you for doing it. You have a wonderful product. I hope the group took advantage of a wonderful tool to help their children and themselves. I will keep it in mind and certainly refer anyone to you when the opportunity arises.”
– Betty (Rancho Santa Fe, CA)

Traci, I wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ for coming to our meeting and speaking.  I’ve heard several of the moms talking about your message and even trying your recommendations.  We got so much out of your talk.  The word did get out what a great guest speaker you were.
Thanks again for everything.
– Debra Jordan (Temecula, CA)


Thank you so much for hosting such an informative “parenting class”. I appreciate that you took the input from us moms and tailored your talk around the issues we felt like we needed or wanted help with. I cannot wait until the next one!
– Deb P. (Temecula, CA)


Thank you so much for your informative “parenting class.” I am impressed by your professionalism. I also enjoyed your September newsletter, it’s very helpful.
– Maria Jones (Temecula, CA)



“Traci, you will never know what you did for the both of us last night. In one hour you changed us forever. Sarah and I can’t wait to see you again. How can we ever begin to thank you?!”
– Michelle P. (Canyon Lake, CA)

“What you shared with me about seeing things from my daughter?s perspective [age 4] really helped. It opened my eyes and made me stop and think instead of just reacting. I have the choice to respond. She is now finding words for her feelings and neither of us is reacting. Thank you.”
– Lori Nevens (Temecula, CA)


“Hi Traci,
I really loved your article about Sibling Rivalry.  I’ve actually never even thought about my kid fights in a way of teaching them how to relate to others.  It really is good practice to help them for their lives, especially when they get married and have to live with someone different then them.  Thanks for sharing that. You are a really special person.  I love what you are doing for kids. Have a great day :)”
– Julie Manor (Northern California)


“Traci was a huge help for me personally.  My own daughter had been dealing with issues that presented as certain behaviors and it was affecting her health.  Though I understood what was going on, I was having a difficult time helping my daughter simply because I was so close. I kept feeling my daughter’s frustration and pain and was not able to get to the bottom line, so-to-speak.  With Traci’s help, I was able to gain an understanding of what my daughter was having difficulty dealing with in daily life.  I was then able to address that specific issue with my daughter and regain balance in both our lives.  Additionally, Traci was able to provide my daughter’s higher self the reassurance needed to progress with daily life challenges.  Traci truly has a unique gift for reaching out to children and their parents.”
– R. McGovern (Murrieta, CA) (7 year old)


“Traci, what you shared with me in our session works!! I had an opportunity to use it just last night and it was the MOST CALMING solution ever! Thank you so much!!!”
– Susan R., (Columbus, Ohio)

“Who I Am’ Energy Cards are a valuable tool for pregnant mothers.”
Thomas Verny, MD, Author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child and Pre-Parenting

“What a mother thinks, the baby feels. What the baby feels becomes the genes’ choices. ‘Who I Am’ Energy Cards help your thoughts and feelings to enrich both your lives.”
– Judith Simon Prager, PhD, Author of Bonding with the Baby Within CDs


“Speaking with you (Traci) has created a deeper sense of peace within me in regards to my own intuition regarding parenting and also my new role as a mother.  I always feel embraced by your love, support and wisdom.  Your passion for sharing and helping is a joy to experience.  Thank you!”
– Viraja Ma, 3rd Trimester with first child
You ROCK! and your site is looking GREAT!
– Viraja


“I was much closer to the baby after our visit. I talk to him and tickle his toes. I always think of him in the closet, as you say, and try to let him know I’m thinking of him!”
– P. Dimmick, (Temecula, CA) (2nd Trimester of Pregnancy)

Who I Am Energy Cards

Dear Traci,

On behalf of the Board of the Rancho Santa Fe Business & Professional Women’s Association. Thank you for your wonderful presentation about the “Life Changing Dream System.”

Your tools, from the “Who I Am” energy cards to using the symbols to figure out our strengths, which conversely can also be our weaknesses, were very enlightening and helpful. Many of us are still talking about the impact of your inspirational resources.

Thank you once again for sharing your insights and expertise with the group. We very much appreciate your time and talents.

– Nancy Bahr Kelly and the RSFBPW Board

“Hi Traci! I am so excited to share this with you. Today I used your “Who I Am” cards in the community meeting with my kids [works in a home for children]. It was awesome!!! They had a great time with it and really had some insightful things to say about their cards. Anna (the supervisor) was really excited about it! One kid (Glorianna) said. “It’s so cool…..These cards say the truth!!!!!!!.”….and she was right. Everyone’s card completely applied to them!!!! The supervisor and staff did it also. It was such a great experience. The kids asked me to bring them again……and I definitely will!!! THANK YOU…….THANK YOU…………THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!”
Jennifer Shinn, Resident Counselor (Rosemead, CA)


“Hi Traci! I used the “Who I Am” cards in a classroom of behaviorally-challenged 6th graders this past Monday. One of the boys (who has a temper) was angry at one of the other kids who had pushed him during lunchtime (there was probably no malice intended on the offender’s part). So the offended one sat there stewing and not eating his lunch. Earlier in the day he had picked “I am Lovable” so I went over to him and said…” Hey, you’re lovable, right—so why don’t we just forgive him” He agreed and then ate his lunch. :) Thank you!”
Joan Rudder-Ward, Educator


“I picked the “I Am Whole” card and that was what I needed in a workshop I was attending – to feel whole. In that workshop, I realized that my purpose was to help people experience joy. In doing so, I felt joyful. The day I returned home from the workshop, the first card I picked was “I Am Joyful”. That is absolutely right. I AM Joyful! All three of us in my family pick cards every day. Thank you! We love them!”
Michelle Sullivan, (California)


“I use the “Who I Am” Energy Cards everyday with my two kid ages 10 and 7 years old.  We use them in different ways, but our favorite way is to get the kids together every morning when we start a new day, to get the cards out and spread them all out on my bed.  All cards are faced down and we each pick 3, sometimes 4 cards.  After we pick our cards for the day, we put them one by one up to our hearts and say the words out loud and really breathe it in and truly know in our hearts that we are Powerful, Loved, One with the Universe and Full of Laughter. I also use them when I need a little “pick me up” after a long day.  I will just go through the whole deck of cards and it really does refresh me.  Thank you Traci for coming up with these wonderful cards that help us in so many ways.”
-Bo Terry (Temecula, CA)

We use your cards in our daily family meditation. My son Narayan’s (10 years old) favorite card is “I Am Peaceful.”
-Terez Krueger (Los Angeles, CA)

“These cards are a fun, inspirational, positive way to enlighten your day.”
-Carolyn Field (Canada)

“I love picking the ‘Who I Am’ cards.  Each time I do, I get a little boost of something inside me. Its not explainable, but I just feel better.  These are great for adults and kids!”
-Marci Benoit (San Diego, CA)

“Thank you for the box of cards….funny, I sat in the park yesterday and went through all of them, and my deck had two “Inspired” cards…..which happens to be the name of my company. (Hmmmmm……..!) The cards are wonderful, and I plan to use them with my school.”
-Kristen Stephens, Executive Director (Eastwind School, Iowa City, Iowa)

“We love the “Who I Am” cards. My daughters and I use them.”
-Dr. Jasmine Esguerra (Texas)


The “Who I Am” cards are fantastic! I really enjoy using them.
-Carol (Minneapolis)

“I think your cards are amazing.”
-Delaram Araghi (Calabasas)

“One day Traci asked me to pick a card from her ‘Who I Am’ Energy Cards.  I picked “I Am Happy”.  The colors and design immediately brought a smile & caused me to laugh.  About a week later, I was feeling a bit blue and her energy card came to mind……. immediately my entire attitude shifted, I began to feel “happy”.  I’m so impressed that I have decided to give them as gifts to my clients.”
– Robin Hill (Temecula, CA)

“I pulled the ‘I Am Safe’ card and I started driving feeling more safe. Thank you!”
-Sofia Ianovskaia, San Fernando Valley (California)

“All my friends and students are encouraged to use your cards – and they love it! “Who I am” cards are an anchor for my ongoing training “Speak English for Success”.”
– Natasha Cooper, English/Russian Conference Interpreter, Author of “Power English” how-to books and CDs, NLP and Master Results Coach