Have you ever thought about how many people spend countless hours in their adult years going through counseling, therapy, reading self-help books, going to seminars, workshops, etc. in search of something within themselves? Trying to find who they really are, perhaps something they lost during childhood or along their journey in life?

How would you like to support your children in having a healthy self-esteem, and staying connected to the core qualities that are innately part of who they are?

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Deck of 41 cards Only $15.95

Who I Am (1 deck)

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If you have heard of the movie The Secret, you are likely familiar with The Law of Attraction. You may also be familiar with the idea that what you focus on expands. And if you ever reflect on how God made you, in His eyes, you are Valuable, Blessed and Loved.

How do we support these affirmations in our families?

Life is moving quickly, and our children feel it too. How can we slow down some of that busy-ness and insert quality time with our children and even our unborn babies? It’s easy, and it just takes a few minutes a day.

The “Who I Am” cards give you an opportunity to affirm the great qualities that are in all of us, while raising your own happiness in the moment. They are simple. They are colorful. They shift the mood for adults and children alike.

“What a mother thinks, the baby feels. What the baby feels becomes the genes’ choices. ‘Who I Am’ Energy Cards help your thoughts and feelings to enrich both your lives.”

-Judith Simon Prager, PhD, Author of Bonding with the Baby Within CDs.

My passion in life is the well-being of children. My mission is to provide tools for adults that enable children to see who they really are. Can you imagine if you lived your life from that place? We can give that gift to our children and the children around us.

who i am card set

 “Who I Am” Energy Cards are designed for use in everyday life to build up morale, self-esteem, and to have healthy fun with our families. They spark the remembrance of what we know very deeply within ourselves … that we are valued, lovable, beautiful and creative.

You can pick one card and focus on that quality for the day, or you can spend a few minutes going through the entire deck of 41 cards, creating a meditation that will start and/or end your day with love, joy and connection. In our family, we have played games in the car on the way to school, which has been absolutely amazing!

Here are some examples of who can use the cards, and how:

  • Whether you have children in your life or not, these cards provide a vehicle through which you can connect to the great qualities that are within you.
  • Pull one card a day, and look for that quality in your exchanges with other people. Practice that quality in how you show up.
  • Each morning and/or evening, sit down alone or with your children and read through each card, one by one, reflecting on that quality within you. Just saying the words out loud every day is powerful!
  • Pregnant mothers (and fathers) can create a space for their unborn baby that is filled with confidence, empowerment, love, joy and peace. What better place to begin life than in a womb where love and safety is the order of every single day!
  • Parents can use these cards to reconnect with themselves, modeling for their children that who they are is awesome, amazing and lovable!
  • Teachers can set the tone in their classroom by focusing on one quality for the day or reviewing all of the cards with their students, talking and journaling about the various qualities that the children already know!
  • Medical professionals can use these cards in their office to create an environment of safety, peace and joy.
  • Do you know someone who is ill? Sit next to that child or adult and hold their hand, reading one card at a time or going through the entire deck. Fill them with positive thoughts and energy that will resonate deep within. If they are able, allow them to choose cards for themselves that they can reflect on.

Traci with Barbara DeAngelis in San Diego, California.
Barbara is a transformational teacher and fan of the “Who I Am” cards.

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Deck of 41 cards Only $15.95

Who I Am (1 deck)

Shipping available only within the United States

There are MANY ways to utilize these cards and share love with others. Humans want connection. Let’s regain a connection to our core qualities ~ be the best of who we can be ~ and support our children in doing the same ~ from birth forward!

“‘Who I Am’ Energy Cards are a valuable tool for pregnant mothers.”

– Thomas Verny, MD,
Author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child and Pre-Parenting

These cards make excellent gifts! Give them for a baby shower gift, a birthday gift, to cheer someone up, or just because. Buy them for yourself, for your friends, even for your kids! Your children will love the colors and will resonate with the energy they contain.

For those of you who are Christians, there are scriptures for every card. This is how God made you. It is a wonderful way to start your day, feeling loved and realizing how you were made.

This deck comes in a custom made 4 ”x4” box and contains 41 remarkable and unique cards, along with a guidebook that contains numerous ways to use them.

I wish you well on your journey of discovering the truth about who you are, and in supporting the children around you to do the same.