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Traci is available for speaking engagements.

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Speaking Topics include:

The Bridge ~ An Overview of the Parent’s Journey from Birth to Adult (aka Parenting 101 Introduction)

I cover “essential elements” that are needed throughout the parenting journey (starting in early childhood) in order to avoid as many of the teen issues that so many parents are in fear of. I talk about “wild cards” and look at when and why things may have gotten off track and how to put them back together.

Without Connection Nothing Else Matters

It goes without saying that if you forget to link the cars of a train together, it doesn’t matter where the first one goes, the others will NOT follow. It’s the same with our children. Connection is essential and I can show you how to create that at any age!

The Essentials of Creating Trust with your Children

Building trust is essential if you want to have ANY amount of influence in your child’s life as s/he hits the tween/teen years (and beyond). There are subtle ways that we lose trust over the years and then wonder how we got to a point of no communication, no respect and no trust. I can help you build or rebuild whether you have young children, teens or adults.

What You Need to Know about Respect and Parenting

We are teaching our children how to treat us by how we treat them. Many times we are using the “I’m the parent” card (which is needed sometimes) but we have missed some significant communication pieces in the process. I will help you unravel how that happens and what to do instead. We can be the parent and instill respect at the same time.

Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Our children need and want boundaries, yet they push back against them. We talk about what appropriate boundaries are for various ages and stages, how to set and keep them and what to do if you have already set the bar that there are no boundaries. It is never too late! If your children do not learn boundaries when they are young, they will not know how to create them when they are older. It will be a great disadvantage in their life.

How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry

There are some AMAZING things that can be taught in the process of moving through sibling rivalry challenges. And they can be mastered fairly quickly in most cases. It brings us back to communication, mutual respect, boundaries and trust. If you want to nip sibling rivalry in the bud, you need to understand what is underneath it and how to use it to teach and mature your little people.

How to Get Around the Homework Blues

We clarify what your job is and is not as it relates to homework. I give you simple strategies to work through challenges depending on your child’s age. We also visit how to be an advocate and voice for your child without undermining the value of school.

Creating an Easy Win for Dads!

This is for Dads only! I talk about what role dads have, how to connect with their girls which is much different than how they connect with their boys. How to protect and capture your daughter’s heart and teach your boys to respect girls so they can each create healthy relationships in their lives. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Parenting in a Broken World

I address how we can be the best parent possible even while dealing with the challenges and burdens that can accompany a fast-paced, often stressful and many times overwhelming day, week or month. How do we re-energize? How do we slow things down? How do we stay focused on our priorities and values, not getting distracted by everyone else’s urgencies? This class is based on biblical teachings and is an excellent workshop for retreats and bible study groups.

To Date or Not to Date, That is the Question (for single parents)

Many times we don’t want to be alone when we’ve lost our partner. Yet, dating while raising children is very different than raising before we had them. We are not teenagers or young adults with the same freedoms. We are adults who are modeling for our own children as we walk through the world of dating in a new season. I provide a checklist so you can assess if this is the course you want to take, if you’re ready and what you might want to take care of first. (Geared towards the Christian perspective of biblical dating and marriage.)

Who I Am in God’s Eyes and How to Set Myself Up to be that Person

We look at biblical truths and use “Who I Am” cards as a fun tool and instrument to build up, edify and encourage each of us in our parenting, work and personal lives.

Acknowledging the Strength in You (designed for single moms, but can also be tailored to married and mixed groups)

Parenting is not an easy job. It takes tremendous strength and courage to make the hard choices that are required on a regular basis, to nurture the little ones in your care, keep food on the table, utilities, a home, car, clean house, etc. I address the strength in single moms who are carrying the load by themselves. Excellent for building up and giving a renewed inspiration and empowerment!

Sibling Rivalry ~ Families with Special Needs

This identifies some of the intricacies in having a special needs child in your family and how to best work with that to create harmony and understanding.

What Do I Need Next?

We focus on slowing down and learning how to identify what you need if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. There are many times that parents get to this place because of the responsibilities that come with parenting. Whether you are in a two-parent or one-parent home, this is an excellent skill to gain and one that will be excellent to model for your children.


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