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Peaceful Bellies


Four 30-minute audios which support:

  • Transforming worry and confusion into wisdom and connection
  • Gaining clarity and insight about your changing body and emotions
  • Feeling prepared for childbirth and parenting
  • Knowing what your baby needs and how to provide it
  • Practice meditations and calming techniques for pregnancy and birth

Individual coaching is also available separately. Simply email or call Traci (951-240-1407) to schedule a complimentary 10 minute consultation.

There is no better gift than a connected, loving and conscious beginning.


Peaceful Bellies Audio Program

Why Do I Need A Peaceful Belly? What the professionals say …

  • Communicating with your unborn child is your gift … that no one else can give.” Frederick Wirth, M.D. (Author, Prenatal Parenting)
  • Your influence on the child is at its peak during construction in utero.” David Chamberlain, Ph.D. (Author, Babies Remember Birth)
  • Eliminating fear and stress/anxiety must become a priority of prenatal care.” Joel M. Evans, M.D.
  • Relaxation is understood to provide a gain of energy that feeds optimum development of the [unborn] child.” David Chamberlain, Ph.D. (Author, Babies Remember Birth)
  • Meditation has proven “to have remarkable biological benefits, especially with respect to stress and anxiety, which have been increasingly associated with disease development.” Robert Bruce Newman (Author, Calm Birth)
  • Fetal love messages … will alter his brain architecture and behavior for the rest of his life.” Frederick Wirth, M.D. (Author, Prenatal Parenting)
  • Group prenatal care is very beneficial. A support system equals very little post partum issues.” Thomas Verny, M.D. (Author, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child)
  • Culture is created by how we raise our children.” Robin Grille, BA (Author, Parenting for a Peaceful World)
  • “We would empty prisons in two generations if we put that money and energy into moms being happy during pregnancy.” Peter Fairfield, LAc

Your facilitator, Traci Carman, has a background in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming: study of the neural mechanisms in the human brain), Neurological Repatterning, Reiki, Hypnosis, Meditation and Energy Psychology. Blending these energy modalities with her passion for children and her 25+ years of experience as a mother, she brings practical ideas and a wealth of wisdom to pregnancy and childbirth.

Her own experience of pregnancy and birth has been very diverse. She has given birth both with epidurals and without, has undergone labors ranging from 6 to 32 hours, and has successfully journeyed through crisis in pregnancy.

She offers families an opportunity to experience pregnancy and birth as the sacred right of passage that it is. She supports them in uncovering the power, connection and clarity that lies within each human being.

Get started TODAY in connecting more deeply with yourself and your baby.


All four audios are downloadable and cost just $37.00