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Meet Traci

photo1 (2)Traci L. Williams (formerly Traci Carman) has been a mother for over 26 years and has three children. She is a parenting coach, speaker and author. She has been sharing prenatal bonding and intuitive parenting with others since 1989.

Hi! I’m Traci. Chances are, I’ve been where you are. I know the struggles of parenting. Being a mom for over 26 years, and raising three children (two teens still at home), I’ve made my share of mistakes and experienced some pretty amazing successes. It’s been quite a journey, and not one of us is going to do it 100% right.

Do you struggle with guilt sometimes? Do you second guess yourself? Are you wondering if you are ruining your children? You are not alone!

If you are married, single, or struggling in a marriage while raising kids, I’ve been there. It is hard.

I’ve experienced divorce and raising children alone, the pain of domestic violence and going through pregnancy in traumatic conditions. It’s painful, and very hard to see your way through. I had to create an income overnight while I was pregnant, when I was planning to stay at home and be a full-time mommy. I already had two children at home.

I’ve had to make difficult decisions that no mother should ever have to make, but we do. Sometimes they were great decisions and sometimes they were not. I have had to learn to live with both, and found a way to rise up through the ashes.

If you are co-parenting after divorce, do you wonder where your child should live? Do you struggle with sharing holidays? Are you struggling with step-parent issues? Do you feel like you need to clone yourself to fit it all in? Do you have homework meltdowns, boundary issues, power struggles, bedtime battles?

How do you retain trust? Respect? How do you maintain boundaries with love? What do you do when your children are angry or shutting down? Acting out? It all depends on the child. I know the questions to ask. I know how to guide you. I’ve been there.

Every parent makes mistakes. We all need someone who has gone before us, who can help us climb that parenting ladder.

I am a Certified Master Results Coach, Performance Consultant, Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming: study of the neural mechanisms in the human brain) and Neurological Repatterning, and am Certified in Meditation.

I am the Founder of A Loving Way, and the creator of Bonding with Baby Before Birth ~ a Workshop and the “Who I Am” Energy Cards. I am also a freelance writer and currently write the Parenting column for Neighbors Newspaper in Temecula, California. (You may read those articles by clicking on Published Articles)

My work is practical and simple.

If you are having any type of struggle with your child, any age, including adult, give me a call. There is absolutely no obligation. I provide a complimentary 15 minute consultation for every new client, so that you can decide if you would like to work with me.

My goal is to have the fewest possible sessions with you. My intention is to teach you how to fix not only the problem you came in for, but that you walk away with tools that equip you to resolve issues that come up in the future. I teach you how to relate with your child more effectively, creating lasting communication, trust and respect.

Every parent needs support along the way. The sooner you get it, the quicker you are able to course correct and create a healthy relationship with your child.

I look forward to hearing from you whether your issues are big or small, whether they are related to fears in pregnancy, birth or relate to the terrible two’s, sibling rivalry, motivation issues, power struggles, concerns about teenage behaviors, or completely broken relationships.

If you want to learn how to get under the surface of the issues that are not working in your family, schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation today. You will be glad you did!

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